Investment Property - Mornington Peninsula

If you are considering to purchase a property in the Mornington Peninsula, this article is for you. 

The Mornington Peninsula is one of the most desirables places to live in Australia. From beautiful crystal clear bay beaches to surf beaches.  From stunning farms to amazing vineyards. The Peninsula offers a great lifestyle with a short drive of 50 minutes to Melbourne CBD.

This popularity in demand and low levels of stock kept the Mornington Peninsula property market stable and striving. 

The dynamic has been changing, particularly  during 2020.  With the opportunity to work remotely provided to office workers, the choice of better lifestyle dictated the demand in the property market in the Mornington Peninsula. 

With the lack of stock remaining low or even lower. We have observed a rapid growth in prices, making it unaffordable for a lot of first home buyers at the low end of the market. 


Investing in the peninsula

The basic principles of growth (high demand and low supply) are present in the Peninsula. The geography and the preservation of the rural part of the peninsula are the main factors limiting residential property development, which is reflected in the low supply. 

So, if you are looking for a stable capital growth, the peninsula presents a great option for investing. However the rental yields are not as good as other parts of Australia, The right property in the right location will perform well with time. 

What should you look for when investing in the Mornington Peninsula?

The proximity to lifestyle attractions like beach, green landscapes, farms, cafes etc. is one of the main indicators of growth in the Mornington Peninsula in choosing a good location. 
Understanding who are the people that would choose that location and why they would make that choice is crucial in selecting a good asset.

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Investing in the Peninsula it’s all about the lifestyle.

Most of the population live or choose to live in the Mornington Peninsula for the lifestyle. One of the main indicators of growth in property investing is job opportunity, the reason why the CBD’s are represent an epicenter of property values. However there are other pulling forces that drive values up, and proximity to a good and exciting lifestyle is a big one. 

Considering to use a buyers advocate?

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