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Is a buyers agent worth it?

Is a buyer's agent worth it? Five reasons to use a buyer's agent

A buyer’s agent can bring tremendous value to a buyer in a real estate transaction. In this article we look at how a buyers agent can help you save your valuable free time, potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars, professional expertise; assisting you from avoiding mistakes or unexpected surprises, and ease of transaction making the whole searching and buying process stress free. 

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Free up your spare time to spend doing what you enjoy
In this day and age we are all finding ourselves busy with a raft of different commitments and activities crammed in everyday. It’s difficult to find the time and the mental energy to search for a property. By engaging the services of a buyer’s agent you can get your free time during the week and weekends back. No more spending your precious weekends trawling through new listings on calling agents and attending open homes. By engaging the services of a buyers agent you leverage the time and expertise of a trained professional to do all the work for you while you make the most of your weekends doing what you love

Buyer’s agents are property experts. With the aid of sophisticated property valuation software in conjunction with local market knowledge they are able to accurately determine the true value of a property and ensure that you don’t overpay  for the property. 

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Buyer’s agents can help you make the right choice

Buyers agents are able to use sophisticated property valuation software combined with their local market expertise to provide you with accurate independent property valuations ensuring that you don’t pay too much. Additionally they can help to identify good locations to buy property either from a owner occupier’s point of view taking into consideration key factors such as school catchment zones, parks and other recreational areas, proximity to amenities. They can also assist in locating growth suburbs demonstrating strong indicators of capital growth increasing the likelihood that your property will outperform the general market.

Not all properties sold are listed on or many properties are sold without any formal marketing. These are called off market properties. Good buyers agents invest into developing good relationships and networking with local real estate vendors agents. Through these networks buyers agents are able to find out about properties before they become available to the general public meaning they can source the best deals and give their clients exclusive access to the best properties before the general public. 
Engaging the services of a buyers agent makes the property buying process easy

In addition to being time consuming, buying a property can be a stressful experience. Frantically driving from one open home to another, dealing with shady real estate agents who try to pull the wool over your eyes, the stress and FOMO of bidding at auctions. Take the hassle out of the whole process and let a trained professional who knows how to find good property deals work on your behalf.  By engaging a buyer’s agent you can leverage their time, experience and expertise making the whole process as smooth and stress-free as possible.   

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