Case Studies

Case studies

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


  • Bought at on-site auction for a fair price in an highly sought after location
  • Purchased within one month of engagement
  • Ideal for multi-property development

Case Study

Our client had been looking to buy a block of land for several months to build a family home or a dual living.

When engaging us, we created a buyers brief and reached out to our professional database for off-markets and pre-markets. After discussing a few off-market options within the first month we identified a property that came on the market as a very good option for our client’s brief in a very highly sought after pocket in Frankston South. 

We gathered all the necessary information regarding, value and development feasibility.

We intended to purchase before auction, however the fact that was owned by trustees it strictly had to go to auction. At auction we were the winning bidders, sticking to our budget limit defined before the auction. How? By knowing its value and strategically bidding towards the agreed value. 

A Blessing in Disguise


  • Assessed a property of interest to be revealed as a bad option. 
  • Purchased within one month of engagement
  • Closed the deal at a fair price within one week in the market
  • Purchased in a prime Frankston location

Case Study

Our clients had been looking to buy their first home for over 12 months. They have engaged us in negotiation only for a property that just had come to the market. We provided a full assessment on the property and had physical access to the property before its first open for inspection. When the day of the first inspection came our clients already had all the information needed to make a non-emotional decision, which they have decided to not go ahead with the deal.

After that experience they have decided to engage us for the full search. 

Within one month we had found a property in a pocket of Frankston that initially the clients thought was not affordable for their budget. We gathered all the information required, including the contract reviewed before the first open for inspection. 

When inspecting the property we knew that it represented a fantastic proposition, we made an offer that weekend, and although the agent knew it was just the first inspection and wanting more time for other offers to come, the fact that we had a clean offer with conditions that were very favourable for the vendor but low significance for us, we managed to close the deal within a couple of days at the right price.

When Preparation Meets Opportunity.


  • Bought it Pre-Auction 
  • Purchased within one month of engagement
  • Development Feasibility before purchase
  • Great location for our clients budget. 

Case Study

Our clients were looking to purchase an investment property in Frankston. Not knowing much about the area, they were looking in Frankston North due to its entry price. However, we thought we could do better. 

The intention of the investment was to hold and develop or resell in 5 years time for a profit, their budget was $650,000 which made it challenging in finding a good option in Frankston. However, we identified a pocket that our client could potentially buy and was still 25min walking to the beach, train station and other main facilities in Frankston CBD. 

Through our network we found a great opportunity in that pocket and we managed to do all the due diligence for development and investment before coming online, as it came online Melbourne went in lockdown due to Covid-19 and we manage to secure it during that week before auction, as we had done all our due dilligence.

Rare as Hens' Teeth


  • Bought it off-market, directly to the owners.
  • Secured with condition of subject finance and a 4 month settlement
  • A condition to guarantee access to the property for development purposes  
  • Great location for our clients budget.

Case Study

After missing out at auction, our client engaged Bright Advocates to help him allocate a property with a generous block of land to develop in the Frankston High School Zone on the beach side of the freeway. We knew it was a very difficult case due to the lack of stock of land and the client’s limited budget.

Within one month, we narrowed our search to a specific street in Frankston that we could potentially buy for this client. 

There were four blocks in this street over 900m2 which was one of our client’s requirements. Through our close network we identified and engaged with one of the owners of these properties which were interstate investors. 

After a period of negotiation we reached a conclusion and our client was successful in his purchase. Negotiating terms and a longer settlement for development purposes.

We are a full service buyers agency servicing Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula.

Whether you need help buying a home or whether you need help buying an investment property we can assist you acquire the best property for the right price. 

We cater for a variety of different clients from first home buyers, downsizers, experienced home buyers, lifestyle property buyers, first time investors, interstate investors, and professional investors looking for development deals