Property Negotiation and Auction Bidding

Property Negotiation
& Auction Bidding

South East Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula

If you have already found a property you’re interested in purchasing,  and you are wanting to have professional representation during the negotiation process we can assist you obtain the property at the best possible price on terms favourable to you. 

Property Negotiation & Auction bidding

Once you’ve decided to submit an offer on a property of interest, things can become stressful as the negotiation heats up and offers and counter offers are exchanged. This is where a skilled buyer’s advocate can be of welcome assistance.

Vendors agents are skilled in a variety of sales tactics; when implemented these tactics can instill a sense of scarcity and desperation in potential buyers, which can lead to buyers paying too much for a property or agreeing to unfavorable terms. 

The emotions are even more heightened in an auction setting when emotions can be particularly heightened with the added time pressure.  Many buyers later admit to overpaying for their property purchased at auction.

Let us take the stress and uncertainty out of the equation and help you acquire your chosen property at the best possible price and on favourable terms. 

Our negotiation and auction bidding service provides our clients with professional representation at an emotionally turbulent stage of the property buying process to ensure that the property is purchased for the right price and on favourable terms. 

We perform the same thorough analysis as our property analysis service with the addition of representing you in the negotiation and or auction bidding process. Take the stress out of the process and rest assured that you’ve got a skilled negotiator working on your behalf. 

Buyer's advocacy services

Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs & the Mornington Peninsula
We take care of the entire property searching, analysis, negotiation and acquisition process. Sit back and relax whilst a property professional works on your behalf.
We conduct an in-depth, independent, analysis on your property of interest and provide an extensive report empowering you to make the right decision.
Take the stress out of the process and rest assured that you’ve got a skilled negotiator working on your behalf.